Friday, March 29, 2013

Almost there.

I made some progress yesterday on the quilts/
Taking a photo helps me spot changes I need to make.
This is something I did learn at Nancy Crow's
workshop. I only have the morning to work
in the studio than I have to clean my house
with my grand daughters help. My friend
Bev had to go out to Oklahoma to help her
sister so I am on my own for 2 weeks.
With everyone coming for Easter I thought
I have better get up all the fabric scraps
that litter the floor.  I never fully appreciate
Bev until she is gone. She has helped me
for over 30 years. A special person.
While I better get to the studio so I can
finish putting leaves on the trees.

Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Number 2 is finished.

 This morning I finished the stitching on number 2.
I am showing a close up too. Thursday I will work on
number 3. Than I will put the backings and sleeves
on the 4 pieces. My mind is already on the next quilt
I will make a irregular shape quilt of a single tree.
Than I will switch to some clay next week. I like
a variety in a show. I will do fish and birds.
I have my menu all planned for Easter. Minnesota
fish fried, deviled eggs, loaded potato casserole,
salad, corn pudding and cheesecake for dessert.
Sounds like a great feast. My grand daughter
is going to come over and help clean on Friday.
Saturday she will come back to pick up
tree branches that have blown down this winter.
The gardening season is starting.

Tuesday, March 26, 2013

A lazy day.

I love birds and lately I have been fascinated
with owls. I am thinking of doing a series of
birds. Later after I am ready for the May show.
Maybe in July and August.
I have already messed up my new sewing
machine. I just need to calm done and put a
different needle in and try again. It will
probably be nothing. Today was the last of
the series of knee injections so when I got
home I just put my feet up the took it easy.
I sure hope this works I am getting tired
of going up and down one stair at a time.
Much too slow for me. While I am off
for a shower than to my recliner to watch
the voice. I really like that show. The singers
are so talented. I like watching Adam's
antics. He is a hoot.

Monday, March 25, 2013

A productive Monday

 I added 5 hours of hand stitching Sunday
using Artfabrik hand dyes thread. Laura's thread
adds so much to a art quilt.  Now it is finished.
Today I started on the second in this series.
This one will have oak trees
besides the pine trees. What a difference my new
 Janome sewing machine makes it is so smooth.
I don't have to fight it to perform.  Quiet and
moves so easy. Can you tell I like it?
I can see a more productive studio.