Friday, July 12, 2013

Can't a guy get any privacy.

 Just minding my own business.
 Who is taking my photo?
That woman just cannot leave us alone out here.
At least that is what I think the red wing black bird
is saying. We have had a pair feeding  up by the
house in the feeder right out the kitchen window.
Love my birds.
Spent the day trying to clean up some of the yard,
Now it is time to retire, fresh air makes one tired.

Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Too hot out there.

I just love the texture of tree bark.
I take photos whenever I can
maybe someday I will do something with them.
Not today TOO hot. I got sweated up even
in the house with air conditioning.
I spent the day trying to get my art back on the
walls in the 3 rooms I had painted.
It was nice to change it up a little.
I love my decor fish, birds and trees,
How simple is that.
I will be glad when the weather breaks.
FibR meets on Thursday and it will
be nice to see the group again.
The Midwest collage society meets
the first Sunday of August and I will so
a demonstration on Discharging,
Using bleach to pattern fabric.
Hopefully it will be under 80 degrees,

Monday, July 8, 2013

My 12 foot by 6 foot tall installation due October 2014

You seen it here first the watercolor sketches I did
in Minnesota for the big art quilt I will do for a
show I am committed to do in 2014.
Nothing like going big.
This was a challenge to myself.
It will be filled with birds and fish.
It will be in 6 sections or maybe 5 sections.
This is only a sketch.  I will start this by September
and plan to finish it by May.
Go big or go home.
I like to set goals for myself.
If I have something to work towards I
usually finish it.
Time will tell.

Sunday, July 7, 2013

Did I hear you say you wanted to go fishing again?

My husband had the guts to ask if I did my vestibular
exercises continually did I think I could go back to
 Minnesota for him to go fishing again.
I told him to find another man to go with him.
I am home to stay until I go to Grand Rapids
for the AQS show. My quilt Wolf River is accepted
into the show and I signed up for an all day class.
My studio need to see some action from me.
It is time to sort through the photographs I
took and pick some out to turn into art Quilts.
While I was in Minnesota I did a watercolor
mock up of the 12 foot by 6 foot installation
I will do for my October show in 2014.
Monday I will photograph some of this for you.
Well have a nice quiet Sunday and relax I intend to.