Saturday, September 22, 2012

Roads I have traveled.

 I love winding roads through the woods.
I grew up playing along the winding woods road.
I noticed that the leaves are changing already.
Fall is here.
Yesterday my husband and I put up 2 bushels of apples.
The smell of fresh apples cooking in the house on
a cold windy fall day is luscious.
I also made up a dutch apple pie to eat with supper.
Yum the house smelled good.
We are ready for winter except for digging potatoes.
That is my husbands job.
Ever wonder why we do all of this.
Good clean food without chemicals.
The only ingredient is food.
No salt no sugar just plain food.
But I am sure glad to be done.
We are glad to share whats left in the garden
 with friends. Our larder is full.

Thursday, September 20, 2012

Nancy Crow workshop

I did an impulsive thing.
Signed up for a Nancy Crow workshop in December.
In Muskegon Michigan right on the lake.
In the lake effect snow area.
For a whole week.
Think positive.
I am going to have knee surgery October 10 for a
torn meniscus. Bothered me since May.
Time to get rid of the pain.
 I will have 2 months to get in shape.
What a great incentive.
SO I went to my stash to look for 80 solids.
I found 13.
I went on line and ordered 56 more.
I will dye the rest of what I need.
She recommends 80 to 100 one yard cuts.
plus 5 yards black and white each.
plus 9 grey
and the list goes on.
I figure I can wash and iron all of this
while I am recovering.
It is great to have a new project.
I have been burned out with the knee and
all that has gone on this summer.
This will recharge my muse.

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

In Harmony with nature.

We have a new medical facility coming to Chesterton, IN
They are interested in hanging art in their building.
The Chesterton Art Center is organizing the endevor.
All of the members can submitt work.
I had to make a CD of my larger works.
Both fabric and painted.
I came up with 14 potential works.
I love this fall scene.
So fitting for now,
This is a day of running for me.
Another doctor appointment.
I will kind out if I need knee surgery.
Not something to look forward too.
But life goes on.

Sunday, September 16, 2012

The colors are starting.

I can tell fall is approaching.
Color is starting to appear.
The nights are 55 degrees and daytime is delightful.
We just have to do applesauce and dig potatoes.
Than the harvest is done.
My friend April said if there is a catastrophe
she will come to my house.
She knows there will be food.
She will have to fight off those 6 grandsons.
Those 6 ft 4 inch frames take lots of food.
I haven't been in the studio much
Life just gets in the way.
In a way I am enjoying the break.
I was pretty involved from January to July.
A little rest is welcome.