Saturday, September 22, 2012

Roads I have traveled.

 I love winding roads through the woods.
I grew up playing along the winding woods road.
I noticed that the leaves are changing already.
Fall is here.
Yesterday my husband and I put up 2 bushels of apples.
The smell of fresh apples cooking in the house on
a cold windy fall day is luscious.
I also made up a dutch apple pie to eat with supper.
Yum the house smelled good.
We are ready for winter except for digging potatoes.
That is my husbands job.
Ever wonder why we do all of this.
Good clean food without chemicals.
The only ingredient is food.
No salt no sugar just plain food.
But I am sure glad to be done.
We are glad to share whats left in the garden
 with friends. Our larder is full.

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