Thursday, September 20, 2012

Nancy Crow workshop

I did an impulsive thing.
Signed up for a Nancy Crow workshop in December.
In Muskegon Michigan right on the lake.
In the lake effect snow area.
For a whole week.
Think positive.
I am going to have knee surgery October 10 for a
torn meniscus. Bothered me since May.
Time to get rid of the pain.
 I will have 2 months to get in shape.
What a great incentive.
SO I went to my stash to look for 80 solids.
I found 13.
I went on line and ordered 56 more.
I will dye the rest of what I need.
She recommends 80 to 100 one yard cuts.
plus 5 yards black and white each.
plus 9 grey
and the list goes on.
I figure I can wash and iron all of this
while I am recovering.
It is great to have a new project.
I have been burned out with the knee and
all that has gone on this summer.
This will recharge my muse.

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