Friday, February 8, 2013

A busy Day.

 Almost there just need my husband to run
some wood screws from the back to join the
tree branch to the canvas stretcher.
Put a wire on it and it is done.
I also worked on some small quilts. The one
on top is 44 by 42. Which I consider large.
 The others on this blog are 12 by 12 or 14 by 18.
These 2 are for Art Mix in March .

 I had a request from Ohio for a water front art quilt.
I got started on there 2 today.  Saturday I should be able to
finish one of them.  These started with a photo printed
on cotton and fused to the quilt. This was an interesting
trip. I decided to stay on Lake Michigan for 3 days
while my husband was in Minnesota. Little did I
know I had talked a friend into letting me use
 their cottage and found myself in the midst of
 a bunch of free spirits. It was an experience.
Thank goodness for locks on the doors.
I let them party with out me. Never was much of
a party girl. I went home early. Got some good photos.

Thursday, February 7, 2013

Where I left off lst week.

I had good intentions yesterday. I was all set to finish
this one. Than my daughter called. They wanted to
come over and get the furniture I had promised
Liz for when they bought a house. Well they went
and did it bought a house over by Fort Wayne and
are moving in on Saturday. SO there went the morning.
I actually almost filled the trailer with stuff from the
attic. . When we were almost done she
said Andrew had remarked that moring that he
 bet Grandma has saved a lot of things
for him when he gets a house. Oh darn I had been
too generous with Liz I will have to find lots of stuff
for Andrew too. Grandma's can't play favorites.
Now when John finishes his house and they
get the stuff they have in the attic it will be empty.
Now what will I do with a 30 x 40 attic  when
it is empty? Would make a perfect studio.
Better yet an apartment. Rent it our and support
my art habits. While that is next falls project.
Today I will work on my quilt first thing and
will not answer the phone.

Wednesday, February 6, 2013

In Harmony With Nature

Continuing to work on the show
In Harmony With Nature IV that will open in May,
I also have Art Mix in March. So I have 20
small art quilts in progress. I hate to change thread
so I work one color thread through out the 20
quilts. Sort of a assembly line.
 I hope to finish them by Tuesday.
Today I need to finish the large circle quilt.
I just need to attach it to the canvas adding some
more leaves put a backing on it and a hanger.
This one will hang like a painting.
I will attach it to a pre-stretched canvas.
I keep avoiding this one for some reason.
The studio gets messier as I work.
The sign of a artist. Right.

Sunday, February 3, 2013

Pine trees

Morning in the winter.
A cup of hot tea and lazing around the house.
I notice I am getting better at being lazy.
After 33 years of 50 to 70 hour weeks it was
hard to slow down. I think it took me 3 years
to relax and go with the flow. Now I have to
prod myself into being productive.
Watching the play of the sun through the pines
and reading a James Patterson book instead of
sewing. Yesterday I did stitch some skies.
I am on a kick of making circular swirls in
my skies. Fun. Today I will go to Illinois to
play with the Midwest Collage Society.
They are a fun bunch of women and so
talented. I am all packed with supplies to
create and sandwich of chicken breast sauteed
in garlic olive oil. A veggie tray and a plate
of cookies. We will have demos  from 9 to 3
wit a lunch break. Enjoy you Sunday I will
definitely enjoy mine.