Thursday, February 7, 2013

Where I left off lst week.

I had good intentions yesterday. I was all set to finish
this one. Than my daughter called. They wanted to
come over and get the furniture I had promised
Liz for when they bought a house. Well they went
and did it bought a house over by Fort Wayne and
are moving in on Saturday. SO there went the morning.
I actually almost filled the trailer with stuff from the
attic. . When we were almost done she
said Andrew had remarked that moring that he
 bet Grandma has saved a lot of things
for him when he gets a house. Oh darn I had been
too generous with Liz I will have to find lots of stuff
for Andrew too. Grandma's can't play favorites.
Now when John finishes his house and they
get the stuff they have in the attic it will be empty.
Now what will I do with a 30 x 40 attic  when
it is empty? Would make a perfect studio.
Better yet an apartment. Rent it our and support
my art habits. While that is next falls project.
Today I will work on my quilt first thing and
will not answer the phone.

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