Friday, February 8, 2013

A busy Day.

 Almost there just need my husband to run
some wood screws from the back to join the
tree branch to the canvas stretcher.
Put a wire on it and it is done.
I also worked on some small quilts. The one
on top is 44 by 42. Which I consider large.
 The others on this blog are 12 by 12 or 14 by 18.
These 2 are for Art Mix in March .

 I had a request from Ohio for a water front art quilt.
I got started on there 2 today.  Saturday I should be able to
finish one of them.  These started with a photo printed
on cotton and fused to the quilt. This was an interesting
trip. I decided to stay on Lake Michigan for 3 days
while my husband was in Minnesota. Little did I
know I had talked a friend into letting me use
 their cottage and found myself in the midst of
 a bunch of free spirits. It was an experience.
Thank goodness for locks on the doors.
I let them party with out me. Never was much of
a party girl. I went home early. Got some good photos.

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