Sunday, February 3, 2013

Pine trees

Morning in the winter.
A cup of hot tea and lazing around the house.
I notice I am getting better at being lazy.
After 33 years of 50 to 70 hour weeks it was
hard to slow down. I think it took me 3 years
to relax and go with the flow. Now I have to
prod myself into being productive.
Watching the play of the sun through the pines
and reading a James Patterson book instead of
sewing. Yesterday I did stitch some skies.
I am on a kick of making circular swirls in
my skies. Fun. Today I will go to Illinois to
play with the Midwest Collage Society.
They are a fun bunch of women and so
talented. I am all packed with supplies to
create and sandwich of chicken breast sauteed
in garlic olive oil. A veggie tray and a plate
of cookies. We will have demos  from 9 to 3
wit a lunch break. Enjoy you Sunday I will
definitely enjoy mine.

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