Friday, February 1, 2013

Unfinished 2012 quilt and fabric discoveries.

Wanting to finish this one this weekend.
Almost done. I love the colors. I decided to hang
and attache it to a stretched canvas covered with
a matching fabric. I want that birch trunk on the quilt
and it will not hang straight if I don't. 
I am going to the Midwest Collage Society meeting
Sunday. So I started to gather what I need to play with.
I found some great fabrics and scrape quilt to work
with. It is amazing what you find when you go
through your stash.  
I love the blue and brown fabric.
I think I will stretch it on canvas and make some more
dark brown fabric panels and make a set of 4
panels that will hang together. Yummy,
 The last one I am still deciding.

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