Sunday, January 27, 2013

A year of Art

Have you seen the HUGE prize package to be given away during
"A Year of Art" on February 12 and 13?
100% donated to the American Cancer Society.

I am honored to be part of the Year of Art.

What fun it would be to win the bundle of prizes offered on
the Site. I have decided that if you donate and win the prizes
I will also include in the messenger bag a lot of Fassett fabric.
You just need to leave a comment on my blog today and any
day until February 11, 2013. Than if you are the winner you
just need to let me know which day you left a comment.
For a $25 donation to the American Society on the Year of Art
site you are entered into the drawing. $50 2 entries. $75 2 entries.
Are you part of a fiber group bet together and do a group entry and
split the goodies in the group.
Myself I am lusting over Jane Dunnewold's piece.
I love her work.
Have a peaceful and quiet Sunday. Monday I will show you what
I produced last week. I need to send 3 quilts to the Ohio Craft Museum
on Monday for the museum gift shop.  So I will be busy Monday morning.


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