Thursday, January 31, 2013

Robin at the water bowl.

We had a Robin and a blue bird in the yard today.
Spring will be here in about 6 weeks.
Think they are a little confused.
After a winter of no winter.
Yesterday was spent in appointments.
I had to kill 3 hours in between to I tried
every recliner in the Lazy boy store.
My granddaughter is buying a house so this
is my chance for a new recliner and I
can pass the old one to her.
She is a art teacher and I want to get
an artist in residency at her school for a
week but I sleep in a recliner.
So I would have a perfect sleeping space.
Just don't tell her yet,
than I sat by the fireplace in Panera Bread and
read a book. Not too bad a way to waste 3 hours.
Today I will look for fabric and textiles for
2 other artist. I have decided to share more
this year. I have more stuff than I can
ever turn into art during my lifetime.
Well off to the studio.

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