Saturday, September 8, 2012

Supper time

 After supper I took my camera and went outside to
see what was happening.
The autumn joy sedums were hopping with bees.
The praying mantis thought it was a good supper.
It was a beautiful day today.
My birthday celebration continued for the week.
I brought my friend Gail back her art  from the show
and I left with a full bucket of raspberries.
Next I went to Doris's house with her paintings
and she had made me 2 ceramic plates for my birthday gift.
I went home and made a fresh raspberry pie.
Mariam stopped over for some art and left with
a nice vase plus she wants some photos for her
kitchen remodel, she brought a paint swatch with
so I can E-mail her some photos for her to choose from.
Trees or water lilies in the pond are her favorites.
All in all a good day.

Friday, September 7, 2012

Pond times.

This is my quilt for the SAQA auction.
I love this quilt .
Looking at it again I might just bid for my own quilt.
Go to the site and see all the lovely quilts.
Bidding starts Monday the 10th.
I will be heading to Lafayette today to help take
down the Under Indiana Skies exhibit.
It will re appear in Rensselaer for the October show.
Art just gets around.
Another chance to share with our community
what the artist of Jasper and Newton county can do.

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Central Park

 My art quilt Central Park is going to be in the Salon Show.
I tried for 4 years to gain access to this show.
Finally got accepted.
Today my daughter and I will deliver it to the gallery today.
The opening is the 16th of September.
 I love trees reflected in water.
Love the colors too.
Fabrics make a quilt.
Batiks and hand dyed fabric made this quilt special.
It will be nice to spend a day with my daughter.
We both have been too busy this summer.
Friday we take down the show
Under Indiana Skies in Lafayette..
We will bring it to the Lillian Fendig Gallery
in Rensselear for a month long celebration of the 40 years
 anniversary of the Jasper County Art League and
20 years for Prairie Arts Council.
Jasper County is a very active county in the arts.
The show will run the month of October.
I will let you know when the opening is.
I will have 2 art quilts in the show.

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Country Roads

I found this photo somewhere on the net.
It reminds me of the country roads we traveled
as children. They were always gravel and sometimes
had a grass strip down the middle.
We don't find many gravel or dirt roads anymore.
Yesterday was a quiet day.
Once in awhile we need those.

Monday, September 3, 2012

Labor Day
My birthday in 1943.
This year it will be Thursday.
The gardens are changing getting ready for fall.
The colors will change to green, browns, and golden orange.
I forgot red and golden yellow.
My favorite time of the year.
Today my husband and son Mark will finish cleaning
the chicken barn getting ready for 100 new chicks.
In 7 weeks we will have 100 fat hens for the freezers.
They will be shared with Kathy, Mark, John, us
and a few folks at the food pantry.
Our freezers are almost full.
Just applesauce to do and potatoes to dig .
Both of those in October.
I will make them a lunch of ribs
homemade mac n cheese and some home made pizza.
The best part will be leftovers for Tuesdays lunch.
I plan to work on my new  quilt "October"
In memory of my mother .
This was her birthday month.
Also my daughter Kathy's birth month.
Enjoy your holiday.
I will.

Sunday, September 2, 2012

The clematis that wont quit

The end of summer is near.
My clematis just keep blooming.
Love the purple.
Friday I spent the morning working
on my quilt national entry.
Than the rest of the day I canned 14 quarts
and 14 pints of tomato juice.
Wow that was almost too much.
Saturday I drove to Lafayette in a downpour
on the Interstate thinking I was crazy.
At least it was daylight and I could see the edge of the road.
The FibR group set up another show at
Something Special gallery.
Just in time for the street festivities that night.
Today is truly a day of rest.
I need it.
Spare ribs are cooking in the oven.
Dishwasher is cleaning up yesterdays mess.
I am going to put my feet up and read.
This afternoon I may start the hand work on the new quilt.
Have a great week-end.