Saturday, September 8, 2012

Supper time

 After supper I took my camera and went outside to
see what was happening.
The autumn joy sedums were hopping with bees.
The praying mantis thought it was a good supper.
It was a beautiful day today.
My birthday celebration continued for the week.
I brought my friend Gail back her art  from the show
and I left with a full bucket of raspberries.
Next I went to Doris's house with her paintings
and she had made me 2 ceramic plates for my birthday gift.
I went home and made a fresh raspberry pie.
Mariam stopped over for some art and left with
a nice vase plus she wants some photos for her
kitchen remodel, she brought a paint swatch with
so I can E-mail her some photos for her to choose from.
Trees or water lilies in the pond are her favorites.
All in all a good day.

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