Monday, September 3, 2012

Labor Day
My birthday in 1943.
This year it will be Thursday.
The gardens are changing getting ready for fall.
The colors will change to green, browns, and golden orange.
I forgot red and golden yellow.
My favorite time of the year.
Today my husband and son Mark will finish cleaning
the chicken barn getting ready for 100 new chicks.
In 7 weeks we will have 100 fat hens for the freezers.
They will be shared with Kathy, Mark, John, us
and a few folks at the food pantry.
Our freezers are almost full.
Just applesauce to do and potatoes to dig .
Both of those in October.
I will make them a lunch of ribs
homemade mac n cheese and some home made pizza.
The best part will be leftovers for Tuesdays lunch.
I plan to work on my new  quilt "October"
In memory of my mother .
This was her birthday month.
Also my daughter Kathy's birth month.
Enjoy your holiday.
I will.

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