Saturday, December 7, 2013

Christmas the old fashioned way

 I love the old fashion Christmas cards.
Simple and sweet.
The winter scenes are precious.
 I love this chicken one.
Life was simple back then.
Some of them have metallic accents.
Yesterday was a busy one.
We went to Shipshawanna for a concert.
Left at noon and got back home at midnight.
I was awake from 3 am Friday to 2 am Saturday,
so I spent most of today taking naps.
Have a nice quiet week end all.

Friday, December 6, 2013

Home made Christmas cards

 Made 16 Christmas cards yesterday.
Fish theme for my kids and the rest
were more Christmas oriented.
I am being too efficient I have my
out of state gifts ready and will ship
them on Monday. Christmas may be
relaxing this year.
 These photos are awful but my main computer
has a bug and my camera battery needs charging
but cannot find my charger. I will drop off
the computer at the serviceman today
I ordered a new charger  and it should
be here by Saturday. My main computer
is the best at editing photos and the
little camera does not take the best photos.
 I like the holiday themed cards the best,'
What is your opinion.

Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Red Chairs

I made a Christmas gift today.
I think I may have to make myself one.
Makes you relax just looking at it
I  get to start something new tomorrow.
Love the unknown.
It is 9 pm and I am wide awake.
I ate too much dark chocolate today.
Bad idea.
We are supposed to get winter back with
a vengeance so I filled the bird feeder to
over full put 2 new suet cakes out and I
hope that will hold the birds until Christmas.
Well I better make a double strength cup
of chamomile tea and hope I get some sleep.

Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Yesterdays work

 I finished up two 8x10  water scene art quilts.
Fun and easy to do. I love transferring photos to
fabric and than adding to it my special touches.
Today I will do another red chair art quilt. I
started it yesterday. This morning I made use of
Amazon Prime to finish my Christmas shopping
for 2 of my great grandchildren I bought them
art supplies. Must keep the artists going in our family.
It is amazing how the genes follow the family.
My mother to me, me to my daughter and grand
daughter,  my daughter to her grand daughter
my great grand daughter. Each generation seems to
get better. That is why I gift them with art supplies.
Well I am off to the studio for 2 hours than a busy day.

Monday, December 2, 2013

Finished Two

 I finished  up the details of these two started in
November. Both are nicer than what I have done in
the past. Brighter colors. Now to see which one Dana
wants than I will know which one is mine.
I frankly like the yellow one.
I realized yesterday that there are only 21 days
until Christmas. I had better kick it in gear.
Life gets a little crazy around Christmas.
Yesterday afternoon I cooked and sliced 30
pounds of pork. We are going to have pork
sandwiches for Christmas along with
Turkey wings barbecued for dinner.
Deviled eggs and  baked beans.
 Picnic anyone.
The beauty of having it at my house I get
to choose the menu.