Friday, December 13, 2013

Winter on the hill

We were gone overnight for another concert.
We both agreed that it is better to have more
time between events. We did not enjoy this
one. Both of us  agreed that a 3.5 hour trip one
way is too long a ride just for a concert.
I remember saying this the last time we
went there. Need to post a big note to remind me.
 I usually see lots of cardinals but not this year.
So I have to content myself with looking at
some of my cardinal art. We are supposed to
get another big snow. :(  11 days until Christmas.
Time to finish all the little details.
You may not hear form me as regular until after
the holidays just too much going on.
Saturday I will take all my boxes to the UP
pick up and than get my Christmas cards
addressed and out. :) glad we only do this
once a year.

Wednesday, December 11, 2013


It was a snowy day,
My sister in law posted about a fabric sale.
I made myself finish the chores on my list
for the day than I was off.
Now we all know we do not need anymore
fabric but I found some I could use.
They are going out of business so the bargins
were pretty good.
I noticed most of you that blog are only
doing so every 2 or 4 days.
Must be like me getting busier the closer it
gets to Christmas. Starting to stress out.
Bah humbug.

Tuesday, December 10, 2013


 Monday was busy getting the Christmas
stockings stuffed so I know what I am missing.
Just need a couple of toys for the babies.
I hate to go to the stores this close to Christmas.
 We are supposed to get another snow storm
on Wednesday. I probably will not get to play
in the studio until after Christmas. :(
Oh well I will enjoy myself anyway.
This is the last year for Christmas at Grandmas
house my daughter wanted to take over this
year already but I said one last year.
She is right it is just to hard physically.
It is time to pass the baton.

Sunday, December 8, 2013

Sunday snow

Another quiet day at Cedar Ridge.
We had a little snow.
Spent most of the day reading and napping.
I find that I cannot stay up for 23 hours
without it catching up with me.
Monday I will spend the day doing
the stockings and getting the out of
town packages ready to ship.
Maybe some studio time by Wednesday.
I got a letter in the mail Saturday
I will have a Solo show called Chairs
in the fall of 2015.
Something to look forward too.