Friday, April 5, 2013

Turning one

My 3rd great grandchild turns one this week.
There is nothing as precious as a little child.
He is bright and full of energy. He is loved.
Yesterday was a day of clean up. I attached
canvas stretchers to the last 3 art quilts I made.
I find that I can staple through the top of
the sleeve and attach art quilts to stretched
canvas's so they can hang neatly in a gallery.
I than put a wire on back of the canvas.
This makes it easier to hang a show.
It was necessary work I like to be prepared
and not wait for the last minute to do the
detail work on my art. So anything I make in
the next 3 weeks is a bonus.
Today I need to label and make the inventory
sheet for Art Mix 2013. If you are in the
Lafayette Indiana area next week end stop
in and check out the cash and carry show
at the Wells Center on North street.

Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Bound and Sleeved.

 These are finished. Bound in a narrow green batik
and split sleeved on back. Ready to go.
Today I will back and bind the large Wolf River
quilt. Than I will pick up the studio and do the
switch to clay. I plan to do some bird and fish
panels that will hang amongst the quilts.
Looking forward to the change. When I have
enough clay done I will make some more quilts
while I wait for the clay to dry. It usually
takes a good week to 10 days to dry completely.
I have to be finished by the 28th of April.
I removed all the past work off of my gallery walls
and will hang what I have for the show to make
sure that they are a cohesive group.
Well have yourself a great day.
I am off to the studio.

Monday, April 1, 2013

Planted some more pine trees.

I added in some smaller pine trees. Looks better,
now I just need to put the back, sleeves and borders
on 4 quilts and I will stop sewing for awhile.
I have been quilting for 3 months solid and need
a break. I will drag out the clay and the rolling
pin and make some fish and pots.
Yesterday we had a nice lunch with Minnesota
fried fish and the fixings. I love a carry in we
get to sample lots of good stuff.
My daughter volunteered to do Mothers Day
I think she notice I was having issues with
my knees. I am willing to take a break.
This is the week we bring the art for Art Mix.
I have about 20 small pieces for this show.
Whatever is left will go to Ohio Craft Museum
to be sold. I find I am finally having trouble
keeping up with the demand. 

Sunday, March 31, 2013

In Memory

My niece passed yesterday after a long battle
with ovarian cancer. She was a sweet spirit.
She will be missed. Life gives us moments to
remember and at times like this we go back
to those memories.
Good bye Carla