Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Bound and Sleeved.

 These are finished. Bound in a narrow green batik
and split sleeved on back. Ready to go.
Today I will back and bind the large Wolf River
quilt. Than I will pick up the studio and do the
switch to clay. I plan to do some bird and fish
panels that will hang amongst the quilts.
Looking forward to the change. When I have
enough clay done I will make some more quilts
while I wait for the clay to dry. It usually
takes a good week to 10 days to dry completely.
I have to be finished by the 28th of April.
I removed all the past work off of my gallery walls
and will hang what I have for the show to make
sure that they are a cohesive group.
Well have yourself a great day.
I am off to the studio.

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