Friday, April 5, 2013

Turning one

My 3rd great grandchild turns one this week.
There is nothing as precious as a little child.
He is bright and full of energy. He is loved.
Yesterday was a day of clean up. I attached
canvas stretchers to the last 3 art quilts I made.
I find that I can staple through the top of
the sleeve and attach art quilts to stretched
canvas's so they can hang neatly in a gallery.
I than put a wire on back of the canvas.
This makes it easier to hang a show.
It was necessary work I like to be prepared
and not wait for the last minute to do the
detail work on my art. So anything I make in
the next 3 weeks is a bonus.
Today I need to label and make the inventory
sheet for Art Mix 2013. If you are in the
Lafayette Indiana area next week end stop
in and check out the cash and carry show
at the Wells Center on North street.

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  1. Looking good! And what an ingenious and stylish way to use a piece of driftwood? LOVE! pantry doors