Monday, April 1, 2013

Planted some more pine trees.

I added in some smaller pine trees. Looks better,
now I just need to put the back, sleeves and borders
on 4 quilts and I will stop sewing for awhile.
I have been quilting for 3 months solid and need
a break. I will drag out the clay and the rolling
pin and make some fish and pots.
Yesterday we had a nice lunch with Minnesota
fried fish and the fixings. I love a carry in we
get to sample lots of good stuff.
My daughter volunteered to do Mothers Day
I think she notice I was having issues with
my knees. I am willing to take a break.
This is the week we bring the art for Art Mix.
I have about 20 small pieces for this show.
Whatever is left will go to Ohio Craft Museum
to be sold. I find I am finally having trouble
keeping up with the demand. 

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