Saturday, January 12, 2013

Winter Scapes

Winter offers a different kind of landscape.
Barren piles of wood, Frosted plants the list is
endless. Hopefully today we get some snow so
it will at least look like winter. These 50 degree
days are a bit disconcerting. It does make it easier to
get around though. Today I have to deliver some art
to Chesterton Art Center. They have connected with
a new Medical Facility opening soon and we will
hang our original art in the lobby.
My Gathering for the trip south quilt will go there.
 My friend Doris will come with me. She is always
good company. At the young age of 91 she will
regale me with stories of her past all the way there
and back. We are bring 2 large paintings of hers too.
I will bring my sister her birthday present too.
A new Cuisinart 12 inch fry pan.
She has started to cook more and this is a
great pan to use. While in Chesterton I will stop
at the Red Cup Cafe and get some bread for
my husband . He really loves their artisan breads.
It is such a quaint little coffee shop with lots
of books to read or buy. A true gathering
place for the community.

Friday, January 11, 2013

Amaryllis Time.

Last night was the first meeting of FibR for 2013.
It was nice to see everyone again.
The drive home from Lafayette in the rain
wasn't fun though. I stopped  in 4 galleries while
I was down there. Bought another raku fish.
I love art. The Art Museum was nice enough
to let me shop in the gift shop even though they
were still closed. They reopen tonight with a
Mayan exhibit. Artist Own has an exhibit of
students work from various schools in Lafayette.
Love how uninhibited teenagers are.
FibR's show this fall will be Archetexture.
I think I will do some doors.
We also have to use a material we haven't
used before. I am thinking of copper or wax.
My Amaryllis's are blooming again.
Love my flowers.

Tuesday, January 8, 2013

The messenger bag

 I love all the colorful fabric that Fassett uses.
I am working on the messenger bag that along with
the book of Fassett's autobiography I will donate to the
Year of Art. the American Cancer Society fund
raiser that Virginia Spiegel is sponsoring.
 I almost like the lining better than the outside.
This is fun working with such great fabrics.
I changed the pattern to put the pockets on the
inside instead of outside. Less chance of things
falling out. So far there are 5 pockets on the
inside and 2 pockets on the outside. A
gal can never have enough places to put things.
I just may have to make myself one of these.
Check out this fund raiser at:

Monday, January 7, 2013

Texture in winter

 Winter lets us see the finer points of nature.
The bark of trees- the forest floor..
Texture all around us.
Today will be a studio day and a
day to hang some art quilts in the library.
It is fun to share art with fellow readers.
Love to get their reactions.
So far we haven't had much snow.
We are severely dry underground.
Hopefully the snows will come and
replenish the ground water.
Looking forward to another growing season.
We will place our seed order soon.
But first I need some serious studio time.