Friday, January 11, 2013

Amaryllis Time.

Last night was the first meeting of FibR for 2013.
It was nice to see everyone again.
The drive home from Lafayette in the rain
wasn't fun though. I stopped  in 4 galleries while
I was down there. Bought another raku fish.
I love art. The Art Museum was nice enough
to let me shop in the gift shop even though they
were still closed. They reopen tonight with a
Mayan exhibit. Artist Own has an exhibit of
students work from various schools in Lafayette.
Love how uninhibited teenagers are.
FibR's show this fall will be Archetexture.
I think I will do some doors.
We also have to use a material we haven't
used before. I am thinking of copper or wax.
My Amaryllis's are blooming again.
Love my flowers.

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