Friday, February 1, 2013

Unfinished 2012 quilt and fabric discoveries.

Wanting to finish this one this weekend.
Almost done. I love the colors. I decided to hang
and attache it to a stretched canvas covered with
a matching fabric. I want that birch trunk on the quilt
and it will not hang straight if I don't. 
I am going to the Midwest Collage Society meeting
Sunday. So I started to gather what I need to play with.
I found some great fabrics and scrape quilt to work
with. It is amazing what you find when you go
through your stash.  
I love the blue and brown fabric.
I think I will stretch it on canvas and make some more
dark brown fabric panels and make a set of 4
panels that will hang together. Yummy,
 The last one I am still deciding.

Thursday, January 31, 2013

Robin at the water bowl.

We had a Robin and a blue bird in the yard today.
Spring will be here in about 6 weeks.
Think they are a little confused.
After a winter of no winter.
Yesterday was spent in appointments.
I had to kill 3 hours in between to I tried
every recliner in the Lazy boy store.
My granddaughter is buying a house so this
is my chance for a new recliner and I
can pass the old one to her.
She is a art teacher and I want to get
an artist in residency at her school for a
week but I sleep in a recliner.
So I would have a perfect sleeping space.
Just don't tell her yet,
than I sat by the fireplace in Panera Bread and
read a book. Not too bad a way to waste 3 hours.
Today I will look for fabric and textiles for
2 other artist. I have decided to share more
this year. I have more stuff than I can
ever turn into art during my lifetime.
Well off to the studio.

Tuesday, January 29, 2013

On their way to Ohio.

 Yesterday I sent my latest art quilts to the
Ohio Craft Museum. They are having a show in
February and March with some of the quilts
from the 17th Quilt Nationals. Tracey sent me
a request for 3 small art quilts for the gift shop.
I sent Pond Life and Frosty January Morning.
And September on Wolf River.
All are photos printed on silk and than
over stitched with variegated thread.
Than I worked on finishing a quilt I
started for Quilt Nationals but did not finish.
Health, my mothers last days and knee surgery
were more important. There will be another
chance for Quilt Nationals in 2014.
The colorful hand dyed fabrics in this quilt
will be perfect for In Harmony with Nature IV.
A joint show with 3 other artist in May/June.
Always something to do.

Sunday, January 27, 2013

A year of Art

Have you seen the HUGE prize package to be given away during
"A Year of Art" on February 12 and 13?
100% donated to the American Cancer Society.

I am honored to be part of the Year of Art.

What fun it would be to win the bundle of prizes offered on
the Site. I have decided that if you donate and win the prizes
I will also include in the messenger bag a lot of Fassett fabric.
You just need to leave a comment on my blog today and any
day until February 11, 2013. Than if you are the winner you
just need to let me know which day you left a comment.
For a $25 donation to the American Society on the Year of Art
site you are entered into the drawing. $50 2 entries. $75 2 entries.
Are you part of a fiber group bet together and do a group entry and
split the goodies in the group.
Myself I am lusting over Jane Dunnewold's piece.
I love her work.
Have a peaceful and quiet Sunday. Monday I will show you what
I produced last week. I need to send 3 quilts to the Ohio Craft Museum
on Monday for the museum gift shop.  So I will be busy Monday morning.