Friday, July 22, 2011


Yesterday I did NOTHING.
Yes  in the year and half since I retired.
I finally did it.
Cozied up in my recliner and read a book.
Relaxed and enjoyed a quiet day.
Try it sometime.
I liked it.

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Its hot and steamy on Cedar Ridge.

Two weeks ago when I cleaned like crazy
I set up 2 cozy areas.
The wicker chair is perfect to sit in to hand finish my quilts.
The recliner to read and work on my laptop.
Just imagine 3 shelves of quilting books and magazines.
The perfect place on a hot summer day. 
                        I love my view from the kitchen table.
                        Quietness and tranquility of water.
                        Perfect for a cold summer lunch.
                        Now off to the studio for some create time before lunch.

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Cedar Ridge Art

I was able to finish 3 of the 4 canvases.
My idea of Lake Michigan.
                            The butterflies are busy the heat doesn't bother them.                                     

Nor the bees.
I will be glad when this heat abates.
I am off to pick the beans in my daughters garden.
To avoid the heat.
Than into the cool studio to paint.

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Painting again.

Started  a group of paintings.
The first is for 12 by 12.
These will be water scenes.
I start with a base of Jasper red gesso.
Than build the painting from there.

These  4 by 6 foot canvases are waiting for inspiration. 
                             This is my first idea.
                              I am not liking this.
                              Need to re-think this one.
This  is the background for a painting of tree roots.
I found it hard to switch from cloth to paint.
Hopefully today will go smoother.

Monday, July 18, 2011

July heat wave, Show opening and County fair.

What a week-end.
Friday's night opening.
Saturday 5 am getting my flower entries  ready for the fair.
Gathering my flowers, paintings, photography and art quilts
Getting to the fairgrounds by 8:30.
Whew .
Thank goodness for my son and grandsons
They helped me carry everything inside.
At Friday's opening of Hoosiers Roads & Rivers
This is what caught the crowds eyes.
I am so glad they like my art quilts.
I enjoy making quilts from my paintings. 
Sunday afternoon I went to the Fair.
My Grandsons did great.
Grand Champion's and Reserve Champion's.
Great  kids.
I work hard to keep up with them.
5 am Saturday I thought maybe just skipping it this year.
Not an option though.
My Art Quilt received Reserved Champion.
A Sunset Photograph Grand Champion.
In the floral Department.
The succulent planter Grand Champion
plus best of show.
I forgot to mention it is a small fair.
I love giving my county something good to look at.
Plus it gets me some time with the red heads.
They get to camp out at the fair all week.
Saturday at close they were heading
back to the camper at 10 pm.
 The food strands gave them free food.
They did not want to throw it away.
Being 6 'plus they are always hungry.
Happy boys.