Thursday, March 24, 2011

New art quilt

My  work of the past 3 days finally finished.
Batiks quilted, painted, hand embroidered, free hand machine embroidery.
Stretch over a canvas and ready for my solo show in May.
Below are some close ups to show detail.

 I love how the hand dyed threads from Artfabrik added to the quilt.
Laura's Burnt marshmallow color way is my favorite.
I found an empty spool and rolled it around.
Dropped the feed days and it sewed beautifully.
 Sweet french knots add character.

Started another  one yesterday afternoon.
This one will be oak trees in the fall.

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

New landscaped art quilt

Started a new landscape quilt.
Using batiks instead of silk.
I am creating as I go.
Sky and water are finished.
Now to work on the hills adding trees and grasses.
 Close up of grass area.
I will add shadows with paints after all the quilting is done.
Hope to finish today.

The sunny weather brought me out of the studio.
I took some photos of  the neighbors wood pile & the rock wall.
Life has settled down at Cedar Ridge Studio.
Now to get some creating done.
7 weeks to go before the show.