Thursday, November 15, 2012

New toy

 I found this old mangle on Craig's list the week before my
surgery and the owner was kind enough to deliver it.
I had my son in law put a new heavy duty cord on it.
I tried it out today.
I works like a dream.
Now to iron the other 77 pieces of fabric for my
Nancy Crow workshop before the end of November,
I am getting excited about going.
Especially since the knee Doc gave both of
my knees a shot of cortisone Tuesday.
Finally after 5 months the pain is gone.
If you are in NW Indiana Saturday I have
a table of decorating, quilting, cook and knitting books
for sale for $3 to $5.
E-mail me for directions.


 For some reason I am fascinated with herons,
they eat my gold fish in the Koi pond.
We have given up on Koi.
Just too expensive a fish food.
We now rely on free gold fish.
The birds are huge,
they land on the roof and
hop down to have a meal or two.
They must stand 4 ft tall.
A funny thing happen this spring.
A pair of barn swallows nested in the
wood duck box and when a heron landed to feed.
The swallows dive bombed the heron until
he flew away.
I think they kept him away enough that the
small koi pond was left alone.
Fun watching nature.

Monday, November 12, 2012

Work in progress

This is a work in progress that I started in August.
Then life got in the way for awhile.
I have it hanging on the design wall waiting
for January when
 I get back to working on next springs show.
I know where I am going with it
just need to finish the hanging leaves
and devise a way to attached the top
to some branches.
This will be for the show
In Harmony with Nature IV
I bought a mangle this fall and will
put a new cover on this morning and
start ironing the 200 yards of fabric
for the Nancy Crow workshop in December.
Time does fly.
December 10 will be here in a flash.