Saturday, August 4, 2012

Sky show is good.

My friends reported back that the show was a hit.
I love all the ways my friends depicted skies.
In the upper right hand corner Marsha
did an awesome sunset using a reclining nude.
You do not see the figure at first.
Doris's looking through the old barn roof at the sky
A lovely view of a summer sky.
The lower right Carole did a great willow branch on
rice paper. Soft and Subtle.
Than my sunset art quilt looks nice.
Surrounded by my friends,
Who could ask for more.
Friends and art.
My knee is feeling a little better after 2 weeks of pain.
It was the right choice to stay home and off of it.
Of course.
I now have been thinking too much.
I am going to turn the furnace room into a wet studio.
I will put in a sink,find an old washer and
move the dye spot out of the garage and into the basement.
I have a sink and counter in the attic.
My husband is great with a hammer.
The garage is either too hot or too cold.
I think the pottery will make the move too.
My husband will be glad to have the garage back.
Plus the bonus is that I can work year around with
dyes and clay.

Friday, August 3, 2012

Sunrise Sunset swiftly pass the days.

 I am finally getting back to the sewing machine.
I am having trouble with my right leg and knee.
So I am perched on the edge of the chair with my right
leg stuck straight out and using my left foot for the pedal.
I am doing skies and woods again.
November skies.
This next 6 weeks is full of deadlines.
5 shows to enter.
I will miss the opening of our show in Lafayette tonight.
Cannot spend 5 hours standing on a sore knee and hip.
Went to the grocery store to buy melons and had
trouble getting through the store.
Oh well the show  looks well and my friends will take
care of things. Wish I could go.
There will be more shows.
I really wanted to see Rebbecca Brody's work.
She is a great artist using watercolor.
Plus Mike Swains pottery.
I will have to get back to Lafayette before September 7.

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Under Indiana Skies

 Enjoy some of our show
 Opening in Lafayette,Indiana on Friday.
The variety of art is amazing.
Jasper and Newton counties have very talented artist.
Stop in if you are near the month of August
through September 7

Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Under Indiana Skies

 Yesterday was spent hanging the new show in Lafayette.
These 3 art quilts were my contirbution.
Sunset, Sunrise and a fall scene.
 We had over 120 pieces of art.
 I really liked Claudia's fountain of large cement leaves.
She is a master of making these leaf forms that make good bird baths.
Everyone in the show produced very nice art.
Needless to say I was wore out.
Now to clean the studio and start on 3 new projects.
Hopefully they are winners.

Sunday, July 29, 2012

Time Flies.

This summer we had a flock of 22 martins.
The air was filled with their squawking.
They circled around the bird house and the farm.
The last of the chicks hatched 3 weeks ago.
than poof they are gone.
Making their way back to South America.
This summer is flying by too.
Life moves faster and faster.
Yesterday we took time to honor a grand dame.
There was lots of laughter and good memories.
Mariam left her body to research.
Her soul she left to heaven.
She was one interesting woman.
She went back to collage and graduated at 70 years young
She taught for a year and was disillusioned
She said young people do not want to learn.
She was a piano teacher.
She got hard of hearing at the end and would
sit close to the speakers in church.
The pastor said he knew when it was time
to quit preaching Mariam would just get up and leave.
She did not like long sermons.
Farewell my friend.