Saturday, August 4, 2012

Sky show is good.

My friends reported back that the show was a hit.
I love all the ways my friends depicted skies.
In the upper right hand corner Marsha
did an awesome sunset using a reclining nude.
You do not see the figure at first.
Doris's looking through the old barn roof at the sky
A lovely view of a summer sky.
The lower right Carole did a great willow branch on
rice paper. Soft and Subtle.
Than my sunset art quilt looks nice.
Surrounded by my friends,
Who could ask for more.
Friends and art.
My knee is feeling a little better after 2 weeks of pain.
It was the right choice to stay home and off of it.
Of course.
I now have been thinking too much.
I am going to turn the furnace room into a wet studio.
I will put in a sink,find an old washer and
move the dye spot out of the garage and into the basement.
I have a sink and counter in the attic.
My husband is great with a hammer.
The garage is either too hot or too cold.
I think the pottery will make the move too.
My husband will be glad to have the garage back.
Plus the bonus is that I can work year around with
dyes and clay.

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