Sunday, July 29, 2012

Time Flies.

This summer we had a flock of 22 martins.
The air was filled with their squawking.
They circled around the bird house and the farm.
The last of the chicks hatched 3 weeks ago.
than poof they are gone.
Making their way back to South America.
This summer is flying by too.
Life moves faster and faster.
Yesterday we took time to honor a grand dame.
There was lots of laughter and good memories.
Mariam left her body to research.
Her soul she left to heaven.
She was one interesting woman.
She went back to collage and graduated at 70 years young
She taught for a year and was disillusioned
She said young people do not want to learn.
She was a piano teacher.
She got hard of hearing at the end and would
sit close to the speakers in church.
The pastor said he knew when it was time
to quit preaching Mariam would just get up and leave.
She did not like long sermons.
Farewell my friend.

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