Friday, August 3, 2012

Sunrise Sunset swiftly pass the days.

 I am finally getting back to the sewing machine.
I am having trouble with my right leg and knee.
So I am perched on the edge of the chair with my right
leg stuck straight out and using my left foot for the pedal.
I am doing skies and woods again.
November skies.
This next 6 weeks is full of deadlines.
5 shows to enter.
I will miss the opening of our show in Lafayette tonight.
Cannot spend 5 hours standing on a sore knee and hip.
Went to the grocery store to buy melons and had
trouble getting through the store.
Oh well the show  looks well and my friends will take
care of things. Wish I could go.
There will be more shows.
I really wanted to see Rebbecca Brody's work.
She is a great artist using watercolor.
Plus Mike Swains pottery.
I will have to get back to Lafayette before September 7.

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