Saturday, April 19, 2014

A journey through time.

Saturday is a lazy day for me.
I took time this morning and printed my art for the
past 5 years - well since I started this journey.
I had 5x7 glossy paper free from ink purchases.
So for an hour I took a trip through the past.
From painting to pottery.
Than Fiber.
I have enjoyed each phase.
I am blessed to have time during my final years
on this earth to experiment with art.
Dr.  Dave said on my last visit how I could have
been a famous artist if I could have done this earlier.
I said but I would not have been a happier person.
I would have missed getting married having children
and the pleasure of grand children .
No My journey through this life so far has been
interesting and I have enjoyed every minute of it.
Now I will make a photo book of the journey for
others to see.

Friday, April 18, 2014


Finished my Java Art yesterday. I like the white cup the best. The cups are all homemade paper using rags chewed up in the blender.(paper making is fun) I used Lynn's cup for a template I cut the cups out of the paper. Using paints and markers I added lines and of course coffee. I even used a scrap of paper to make me a bookmark(note the birds and water). I had fun using Lynn Krawczyk's book Intentional Printing to make some art. Looking for a fun project check out Lynn and her book.

I wanted to show the tools I used I took a roller and using cording I tied it butcher style around the sponge roller. It really made a nice effect painting. The fan brush made nice line detail and the stencil brush made great big dots.

Thursday, April 17, 2014

Mounting an art quilt.

 Vivian asked about mounting a quilt.
I thought I would show you the way I attach my
quilts to supports ( stretched canvas) or wood frames.
When my quilt has a sleeve I cover the edge of the
stretched canvas with fabric to match the quilt
than holding the sleeve edge along the top of the
canvas I staple the sleeve to the stretched canvas.
I show my art quilts in lots of fine art venues and
the requirement is usually having a hanging
wire on back of the art.
 Smaller art quilts are made a little larger to
accommodate pulling the quilt around to the back
of the stretched canvas and stapling on the back.
Than I fuse a piece of coordinating fabric to the back.

 I use either 3/4 inch or 1 1/4 inch canvases as a base.
My wires I roll around a marker pin to form the
loop than staple to the back. I pound the staples
firmly in with a hammer otherwise the wire slips.
 As you see this makes a neat presentation and makes
the art quilts easy for the customer to hang the
art easily at home. I sometimes cover the edges of
the stretched canvas with matching fabric and
glue the quilt to the front of the canvas.
I would never do this for a quilt meant for a
competition. They require the quilt to have a
hanging sleeve. When I do staple the sleeve to
a mount the staples are  easily removed with
a pliers. Hope this was helpful Vivian.

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Traveling time

Gathering for the journey south - will be going
east and south to Columbus to the Ross Museum
for a show during QSDS 2014. Also going is
Sumac Ridge which I need to get a photo of.
May starts the busy season of shows.
I need to make a chart so I do not double book
any of my quilts. I seem to have made my
retirement just as busy as I did my professional
life in Real Estate. Tigers never change their stripes.
This is much more fun though.
A busy day again.
A sunny day again,
Thank goodness weather is finally changing.

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Year of the elephants.

 I have two of three done.
Beaded  and ready for the stretched canvas.
Not my favorite subject but passable.
I will staple these to their mounts and the rest of
the day is grocery shopping and massage day.
We had 2 inches of snow last night.
Winter just doesn't want to quit yet.
Tomorrow I get back to the big quilt.
Have a great day.

Sunday, April 13, 2014

Next project for FibR show in May.

 Well this is next in line.
I need 2 or 3 art quilts for the FibR show in May.
I have 3 groups of fabrics to work with.
I plan to make some necklaces too.
 This one is a must we all have a piece of the
same fabric to incorporate into a quilt.
Our theme is international.
I am adding animals to this one.
 The lighter fabrics are Australian and have fish
and turtles as part of the design.
This is as far as I got this afternoon.
I do not like this so I will start over in the morning.
I really have trouble with a theme like this.
I do better starting with a photo or a piece
of fabric and than I get inspired.
Tell me I need to do something and my mind
balks. Everyone so far have such unique items.
I will have to dig deep inside to pull this off.