Sunday, April 13, 2014

Next project for FibR show in May.

 Well this is next in line.
I need 2 or 3 art quilts for the FibR show in May.
I have 3 groups of fabrics to work with.
I plan to make some necklaces too.
 This one is a must we all have a piece of the
same fabric to incorporate into a quilt.
Our theme is international.
I am adding animals to this one.
 The lighter fabrics are Australian and have fish
and turtles as part of the design.
This is as far as I got this afternoon.
I do not like this so I will start over in the morning.
I really have trouble with a theme like this.
I do better starting with a photo or a piece
of fabric and than I get inspired.
Tell me I need to do something and my mind
balks. Everyone so far have such unique items.
I will have to dig deep inside to pull this off.

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