Thursday, April 17, 2014

Mounting an art quilt.

 Vivian asked about mounting a quilt.
I thought I would show you the way I attach my
quilts to supports ( stretched canvas) or wood frames.
When my quilt has a sleeve I cover the edge of the
stretched canvas with fabric to match the quilt
than holding the sleeve edge along the top of the
canvas I staple the sleeve to the stretched canvas.
I show my art quilts in lots of fine art venues and
the requirement is usually having a hanging
wire on back of the art.
 Smaller art quilts are made a little larger to
accommodate pulling the quilt around to the back
of the stretched canvas and stapling on the back.
Than I fuse a piece of coordinating fabric to the back.

 I use either 3/4 inch or 1 1/4 inch canvases as a base.
My wires I roll around a marker pin to form the
loop than staple to the back. I pound the staples
firmly in with a hammer otherwise the wire slips.
 As you see this makes a neat presentation and makes
the art quilts easy for the customer to hang the
art easily at home. I sometimes cover the edges of
the stretched canvas with matching fabric and
glue the quilt to the front of the canvas.
I would never do this for a quilt meant for a
competition. They require the quilt to have a
hanging sleeve. When I do staple the sleeve to
a mount the staples are  easily removed with
a pliers. Hope this was helpful Vivian.

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