Friday, June 1, 2012

Final Project

 My room mate was kind enough to share her photos
with me. The last day we posted our weeks work.
My favorite is the abstract quilt above.
My main project was the landscape quilt below.
I made 7 art quilts in 5 days.
If you ever have the opportunity take a class
with Cynthia Corbin.
She is taking the year off but will be back for
QSDS 2013.
I made the irregular edge quilt in 6 hours.
I got razzed a lot for sewing 100 MPH.
We are very tired but satisfied with what we learned.

The last day.

Good Morning.
Today we finish our final art quilt.
I have found that I  haven't changed my style
very much at all.
Most everyone seems to like my style.
So do I need to change.
we will see.
Nature continues to be my base.
Love my woods, water and birds.
Off to the studio.
I do miss my home studio.
More space to spread out.

Thursday, May 31, 2012

Columbus QSDS 2012

Today we start our final piece for the week.
This photograph will be my inspiration.
I am learning a lot.
Mostly how much  do not know.

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

QSDS Columbus, Ohio

Well it is hot and sunny here in Ohio.
My camera phone will not download to my computer.
So no new photos for a week.
So far in 2 days I have produced 3 keepers.
2 uglies that were supposed to be ugly.
We did an exercise taking 3 fabric that did
 not go together. We had to make a quilt
breaking all the rules.
It really did not turn out too bad.
Just bright and garish not at all my style.
This afternoon I started a nice piece
that I will finish on Wednesday.
Tonight we had a bazaar.
Almost good enough to eat.
I have found a lot of nice hand dyed fabric.
Too much fabric found its way into my case.
May have to leave on of my companions here.
Need the room for fabric in the car.

Monday, May 28, 2012

Celebrate Memorial Day.

 Good Morning all.
Hot and sunny here in Columbus, Ohio.
I want to thanks all our servicemen for what they
do to support our freedoms and remember those who
gone before.
Yesterday we drove 7.5 hours to get here.
After a good nights sleep I am raring to go.
If I can figure how to download photos from
my camera you will see what we do.
Have a safe holiday.

Sunday, May 27, 2012

Ready Set and GO to Columbus today.

 I start my day here at Cedar Ridge and will end it at
QSDS 2012 in Columbus.
Where I will be for 7 days.
Looking forward to learning something new.
Most of my friends will be here at the Indiana Dunes.
Indiana has beautiful places to go.
And Live.
I left my husband lots of food.
Written instructions on the washer and dryer
and instructions to wash those dishes.
When we were first married I went to the hospital
to have our first child and came home to a
sink full of dirty and moldy dishes.
7 days worth.
I do not think he has ever washed dishes yet
in the 50 years we have been married.
Well I better get dressed and head to Lafayette to pick
up Pat and Anita.