Tuesday, May 29, 2012

QSDS Columbus, Ohio

Well it is hot and sunny here in Ohio.
My camera phone will not download to my computer.
So no new photos for a week.
So far in 2 days I have produced 3 keepers.
2 uglies that were supposed to be ugly.
We did an exercise taking 3 fabric that did
 not go together. We had to make a quilt
breaking all the rules.
It really did not turn out too bad.
Just bright and garish not at all my style.
This afternoon I started a nice piece
that I will finish on Wednesday.
Tonight we had a bazaar.
Almost good enough to eat.
I have found a lot of nice hand dyed fabric.
Too much fabric found its way into my case.
May have to leave on of my companions here.
Need the room for fabric in the car.

1 comment:

  1. Mary Ann, It was great to meet you here at QSDS and glad to know you enjoyed Helene's Fabric.

    Call us up if you ever get to Paducah, KY