Sunday, May 27, 2012

Ready Set and GO to Columbus today.

 I start my day here at Cedar Ridge and will end it at
QSDS 2012 in Columbus.
Where I will be for 7 days.
Looking forward to learning something new.
Most of my friends will be here at the Indiana Dunes.
Indiana has beautiful places to go.
And Live.
I left my husband lots of food.
Written instructions on the washer and dryer
and instructions to wash those dishes.
When we were first married I went to the hospital
to have our first child and came home to a
sink full of dirty and moldy dishes.
7 days worth.
I do not think he has ever washed dishes yet
in the 50 years we have been married.
Well I better get dressed and head to Lafayette to pick
up Pat and Anita.

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