Saturday, May 26, 2012

One day to go.

Packed and ready to go
I think all the stuff 3 ladies want to take with
will not FIT.
Thank goodness I have a SUV with a hitch
and a friend has a hitch platform to put behind my car.
Now just to remember for the 5 hour drive that
the car will be longer.
Think we will get to Columbus without scarping
another car?
Yesterday proves that everything goes wrong when
you want to leave town.
My helper around the house pulled her back out.
So NO help.
My dishwasher quit working.
I got an early start at 5 am planting my outdoor pots.
I am going with a colorful mix this year.
Magenta, baby blue, yellow, plum and marigolds.
I found some interesting greens to add in.
Look forward to seeing them flush out.
Now to pick up the mess I made yesterday.
Set out the paper plates so my husband will
use them. I know he won't wash dishes while I am gone.
Have to put instructions on how to wash & dry clothes.
Better get at it.

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