Thursday, May 24, 2012

Woods and Bird houses.

 We live in an enchanted place.
Surrounded by woods, trees, ponds and bird houses

We have over 20 bird houses plus the 2 apartment style
Martin houses. Our favorite spot after supper is the deck
by the small pond. This spring the weather wood cottage
bird house is home to a pair of blue birds . Each evening he brings her food.  Fat juicy bugs and worms. How nice to be taken care of.  Honey suckle vines curl around the trellis it is on making
it a busy place with humming birds darting in and out the vines looking for nectar. The Martin's make lots of noise as they are a community of birds. We have over 14 Purple Martins now. My husband's garden is almost full now just a few rows of corn to plant. So far there is cantaloupe, watermelon, potatoes, tomatoes, corn and  asparagus. Lots of good things to share with friends and neighbors. Today is a day of appointment's.  A 8 am medical test at the hospital, A massage than a 5 pm hair cut. In between I will iron my clothes fir QSDS and finish packing. I will have Friday and Saturday to relax. Terry at QSDS let us know that there will be art students there to empty our cars and carry everything to our rooms and the sewing studios.  What a thoughtful thing. Now to cram 3 ladies clothes and sewing gear into my SUV. I told Anita I was going to eliminate some fabric she replied no leave home some clothes instead. Sounds like a plan.

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