Saturday, January 10, 2015

Kathy's quilt

 Well I have all the components ready.
Now to play with the design for Kathy's quilt.
I see a lot of places to change. but I really like
the flowers and the fabrics.
It will be a great quilt for my daughter.
I got my new Dell desktop yesterday and my
grandson come over to fine tune it.
It is so nice to have a resource like a college sophomore.
Nothing like young brains.
I am going cold turkey with both a new laptop and
new desktop. Really stretching the 71 year old
brain. I will probably avoid dementia for at 
least 4 extra years with all the brain  stretching.
I have learned quite a few new things.
Like what settings means what to do with it.
Down loading patches for the Cd's I lost.
Things are still not working right with E-mail
but I will conquer that soon.

Wednesday, January 7, 2015

 18x18  inch art quilt finished today.
This is my quilt or the 100's.
will post more detail later.
I got the flowers for my daughters second quilt
ready to go. I will work on  this project Thursday.
 I am going to have fun with this one.
I love the colors and love flowers.
My border fabric arrived today so I can 
really work on this tomorrow.
Lime green, rust, olive and cream.
Great colors.

Tuesday, January 6, 2015


 Closing in on my 100 piece of art.
I will finish it up today.
 Decided to add some hand stitching to emphasize
the leaves. Perfect way to watch  TV.. Stitch and
keep up with Diners and Dives at the same time.
We are getting a big snow tonight.
Than extremely cold weather perfect for staying
in the studio and creating.
A little thread adds something.

Sunday, January 4, 2015

Finishing 2014 projects

 Planning the next bed quilt I promised my daughter,
It will have flowers on long stems on it.
Than to finish my donation for the 100's
I will add lots of hand stitching to this yet.
 I finished the quilt top on Saturday it just
need stray threads clipped on the back and 
a final ironing. I am getting closer to finishing
last years projects and than I can move on to 2015.
I am looking forward to doing the Chairs show
and doing some summery and flower quilts.
Have a quiet Sunday than back to the studio on Monday.