Saturday, January 10, 2015

Kathy's quilt

 Well I have all the components ready.
Now to play with the design for Kathy's quilt.
I see a lot of places to change. but I really like
the flowers and the fabrics.
It will be a great quilt for my daughter.
I got my new Dell desktop yesterday and my
grandson come over to fine tune it.
It is so nice to have a resource like a college sophomore.
Nothing like young brains.
I am going cold turkey with both a new laptop and
new desktop. Really stretching the 71 year old
brain. I will probably avoid dementia for at 
least 4 extra years with all the brain  stretching.
I have learned quite a few new things.
Like what settings means what to do with it.
Down loading patches for the Cd's I lost.
Things are still not working right with E-mail
but I will conquer that soon.

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