Friday, April 15, 2011

Impulsive Decision

Worked in the yard all day yesterday.
90% done another 2 days should  do it.
Finally opened my E-mail late afternoon .
And there was an invite to a pastel retreat in Brown County.
In October the height of the color leaf season.
Only 10 people.
I was 4th to call.
I am relaxing just think of 5 days with other artist.

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Time out for Spring

The smell is luscious.

Hopefully it makes me forget I  have to buy a car today.
A  job I hate worse than anything.
Hopefully this one will last me the rest of my driving life.

Monday, April 11, 2011

The finished Art Quilts

I added the final touches Saturday night.
Artfabriks lovely hand dyed threads were the frosting on the top.
I will feature the 2 larger ones along side the paintings that inspired them.
Now I need to price them.
I am new to this and would appreciate some suggestions.

Yellow Barns.

Fall in the country.
Now I need to take a day and take stock.
I have several shows this summer.
Walk through the Woods
Jasper County Rivers & Woods
Chesterton Women's Show
The Art Barns Show.
Jasper County Art Leagues "Trees"
Now to decide which works go where.
Than this summer I need to try again to create
something worthy of the Muenster Show.
Maybe the forth try will work.
My goal is to get in this year.