Monday, August 6, 2012

Northern Lights

Northern Lights art quilt is sold.
I loved the colors in this quilt.
My inspiration came from the northern lights
I have seem when in Minnesota.
The inky navy blue black skies.
The lime green lights glowing in the sky.
Orange glow flickering through it all.
Is is nice that it will have a good home.
The young man was excited to be collecting art.
I made good headway in clearing the furnace room.
Another day or two should do it.
I am eliminating 4 shelf units.
I am consolidating the stuff to 2 shelf units.
I have been putting my supplies on
carts with wheels.
When I want to work a certain media I roll out the cart.
Easier on the old back.
Need to get done by Saturday.
Monday and Tuesday my grandson will give
us 2 more days of help then he is back to school.
I plan on him moving my dye stuff downstairs.
Thanks goodness for strong backs of young people.

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