Saturday, August 11, 2012

Old Things

Yesterday the phone rang at 5 am.
Never a good thing.
My mother was in the hospital with CHF
plus a few other things.
So I spent my day there.
When I got there she was sort of semi-conscious.
Well within a few hours and some anti-biotic
she perked up.
I knew she was going to be all right when she
started to get sassy with the nurses and
demanding things.
I am amazed at old people how they bounce back
so often. She will be 93 this year.
A regular energizer bunny.
Keeps on ticking.
I am glad I stayed the afternoon.
The hospital is in the midst of implementing
a new computer record system and the
nurses were frazzled.
Glad to help out by doing the simple things for Mom.
Left them time to figure out the computers.

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