Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Snow before Thanksgiving

 We had our first snow thanks to Lake Michigan.
Thank goodness it was just a dusting. Should be gone
Thursday. I have been busy cleaning and shopping
I try and have Christmas shopping done by Thanksgiving.
Hate going to the stores with all the crowds.
The carpet cleaner will be here this morning to do the
bedrooms I think next spring we will need to replace
the carpet. One more cleaning. I will finally get down
 to the studio this morning. I have all day to mess around
in the studio. Sad to say from now to Christmas there
is not a lot of Studio time. The Holidays get in the way.
I still need to do my Christmas cards. This year I will
do collages. I got a pack of 40 watercolor cards to use
as bases for the collages. Makes my life simple.
Well I am off to the Studio.
Have A Great day

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