Saturday, July 20, 2013

Work in progress

A new style for me.
Thursday Nancy come to spend the day with me
in my studio. I had read Jean Wells books
and was ready to branch off into a new
direction. I love the Kaffee Fasset Lotus fabric.
Using that as a starting point I choose several
fabrics from my stash and in my usual style
I was off and running. I wasn't much company
for Nancy as I quickly became obsessed
with my new project.  Hopefully she still
enjoyed her visit. It is not usual for me to
invite people into my space but we seem
to mellow out with each other. She made
several helpful suggestion giving me some new
directions I could take my piece.
We had a nice lunch with a tomato, basil,onion
pizza, salad, fruit and glorious lemon
cookies from Bit of Swiss a awesome
bakery in St Joseph Michigan.
My husband picked some sweet corn for her
to take home along with a dozen of the
fresh eggs from his pet chickens.
Another day in the Summer of 2013.
It is turning into a very good year.

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