Sunday, April 3, 2011

Starting 2 new quilts.

The painting that inspires the quilt
The beginning of the process.
Fusing the batiks to the thermolon base.
Doing the base quilting for texture.
Now on to the detail and embellishment with thread.
I am using Artfabrik's thread #12 burnt marshmallow
It makes the best tree trunks.
The inspiration for the second art quilt.
Combining quilting and paint  makes for a good start.
I just love this scene. Looking forward to seeing it completed.
I ordered a some new colors form Artfabrik for this quilt.
I hope to finished these this week.
Than I will go back to the silk quilt dreamscapes.
That is between glazing and firing the kiln.
I will fire Tuesday & Wednesday.


  1. And I forgot to mention that I like your quilts!

  2. What is thermolon? I googled it but it didn't come up with anything remotely useable for this purpose. I saw your lovely things at the TAF open house tonight (May 13th, 2011)

    Cherry Delaney