Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Test firing new glazes

64 Tiles & 29 bowls later.
Some of the test glazing I did last week.
So far I have spent 6 full days on this.
A lot of information to work from.
Some turned out too pale.
Had too many blues.
All in all a good start.
 The ones below are too pale.

I like the one on the left & the right.
These are Chris Wolff glazes .
Plum, Blue and Oatmeal.
They look great by themselves
and even better in combinations.
 I like the combination of the stripe bowl.
These glazes will be nice dipped on bowls.
 These will definitely be part of my base glazes.

 Love the splatter with the Wolff glazes.
 You can see why this is my favorite so far.
 I also tested some Amoco Potters Choice.
They are good glazes but pricey.
I will continue to formulate my own glazes.
More glaze for less money.

I really like the deep brown black on the top left.
The rust on the bottom left is good too.
Today I will bisque raku pieces to prepare for Friday's firing.
Monday I made a bunch of pins, beads and small forms to apply to paintings.
Next I will mix a matt black for Matt at school.
Young people seem to love black.

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