Friday, October 18, 2013

Some studio work today.

 I got these two 16 x 20 abstracts mounted onto
canvas. They are more of the painted canvas
series. Slashed and stitched back together and
slashed again. I haven't decided if I like this
process but it is addictive. I took Katie PM;s
class in Grand Rapids and she introduced me
to this technique of painting canvas for a fabric.
 Finally I got started on Dana's quilt.
I am liking it so far I do see some changes to make
though I like to print it out and take the marker
pin to it for corrections. I find that works really
well. I am finding it is taking longer to recoup.
Driving a car is not good yet. I am still having
headaches. Hopefully another week will improve
my mind and body. Good thing the brain
can recharge itself. Face still is black, blue and yellow.
I did accomplish something in the studio this week.
I have 30 quilt cards done for the holiday shows.
I have my art together for the show the 2nd week
end of November. Just when I thought I could take it
easier I got an E-mail that the Ohio Craft Museum
has sold 10 of the 14 items I mailed them 5 week
ago and they want more. Good news.

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