Thursday, June 7, 2012

Sunset at the Ridge

Sunsets  in Indiana are sometimes quiet peaceful things.
I almost finished the Northern lights quilt.
I am doing the binding now.
Took time out to put some fresh strawberries in the freezer.
Time seems to fly by each day.
I need to start the sprinklers in the garden
before I go to the studio.
It is getting dry and it is hotter each day.
The corn and potatoes need a drink.
Yesterday I turned on the soakers on the tomatoes.
I had the local lumber yard print me some
larger prints of my next quilt.
A tranquil water scene I hope to enter in the Q Nationals.
I am surrounded by water ideas here on the Ridge.
I know I am very inexperienced yet  but you never know.
Beginner's luck.
Doesn't hurt to try.

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